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Folio Exchange expands to Internet Domain industry Contact us at sales@folioexchange.com for more details today.

Folio Exchange hits the 7 Billion Mark. Folio Exchange completed another successful year processing over $7 billion in invoices and payments. Clients save thousands of dollars and FE continues to set the bar for complete back-office automation.

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What's New with Folio Exchange?

Folio Exchange passes the Five Billion Dollar Mark!

Folio Exchange has recently passed the five Billion dollar mark. Our automated invoicing and remittance service has now processed over 5 billion dollars of invoices and payments for the hospitality industry saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

FEDocs – New Document Attachment Feature is Here!

Folio Exchange announced the addition of a new "FEDocs" Feature in January 2009. This feature allows you to attach key documents such as promotions, adjustment information, or booking changes during the dispute resolution and remittance processes. Now you can securely include pertinent information without having to leave the Folio Exchange hub - just another way we are streamlining communication between Hospitality partners and making your departments run smoothly.

New Servers

We have recently upgraded our Main Data Server to improve processing speed and data storage functionality. Please contact us with any questions about this.

Data Archives

We are currently finalizing plans to create a data archive. We will continue to have a rolling 12 months of data available in our primary system. Departments can establish who will have access to the archives for audit purposes. We welcome your input as we finalize this process.

Multicurrency Solutions in Development

Built for clients who need to review currency gains and losses, Multicurrency Solutions will eliminate time-consuming manual calculations, providing review screens to allow the quick analysis of unrealized and realized gains and losses across A/R for hotels and A/P for wholesalers and groups. Beta testing expected in late 2009.

Language Bridge in Development

Connecting you to global opportunities, Folio Exchange's Language Bridge will allow your team to work in your native language while your customers work in theirs. Common charge disputes are noted by customers in their language and instantly translated for your review. Beta testing expected in late 2009.

Partnership Opportunities

Folio Exchange is always looking for partners to help us expand into new markets. Please contact us for more information.