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Folio Exchange expands to Internet Domain industry Contact us at sales@folioexchange.com for more details today.

Folio Exchange hits the 7 Billion Mark. Folio Exchange completed another successful year processing over $7 billion in invoices and payments. Clients save thousands of dollars and FE continues to set the bar for complete back-office automation.

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How it Works

One Effortless Process

Folio Exchange is a full-cycle, paperless billing and remittance service specifically designed for the hospitality business. Our web-based solution is transforming the industry by seamlessly connecting hotels and resorts with traditional travel wholesalers, tour operators, and more, all with just the click of a mouse.

Full-Cycle Billing in Five Simple Steps:

Step 1 – INVOICING: Invoices are presented at our secure website
No more paper, no more hassles. Folio Exchange simplifies the entire invoicing process by gathering all the folio details from the hotel for presentation to the customer at our secure website.

Step 2 – RECONCILIATION: Proprietary FE “Automatch” system automatically approves invoices meeting preset tolerances
Our unique "automatch" algorithm compares the invoiced amount with expected pay amounts and automatically approves all invoices within the customer's tolerance level.

Step 3 – RECONCILIATION: Errant invoices are automatically flagged and posted for review
Folio Exchange automatically flags invoices it suspects are in error both before the hotel presents them and once they have been presented to the wholesaler.

Step 4 – RESOLUTION: Hotel and Wholesaler review errant invoices and resolve disputes online
Folio Exchange gives you the freedom of having one centralized place to go to resolve billing disputes. No more staff time wasted hassling with phone calls, faxes and sticky notes. Complete transaction details at your fingertips. Dispute charges online. Adjust billing amounts online. Include key documents and support for any adjustments made, all with a full audit trail.

Step 5 – REMITTANCE: When review is complete, payment and remittance information are electronically transmitted and applied to G/L systems
Folio Exchange replaces the manual effort and customization in how payments are applied for group, airline, wholesaler and corporate accounts with one simple automated solution. Payments are made quickly, securely and efficiently.