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Folio Exchange expands to Internet Domain industry Contact us at sales@folioexchange.com for more details today.

Folio Exchange hits the 7 Billion Mark. Folio Exchange completed another successful year processing over $7 billion in invoices and payments. Clients save thousands of dollars and FE continues to set the bar for complete back-office automation.

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Folio Exchange announces new FEBilling

Palos Verdes, Calif., March 18, 2008 – Folio Exchange, the world leader in back-office hospitality billing solutions, announced the addition of their proprietary FEbilling feature which enables both current customers and their trading partners to take advantage of the Folio Exchange system efficiencies.

"We are pleased to add this feature to our system so that a typical hotel with a large number of wholesaler and corporate partners can easily provide standardized folio processing. This eliminates the need for the hotel chains to customize their folio formats for each partner. Our FEBilling system automatically takes the hotel invoice format and converts it for them reducing work on both sides and streamlining processes that can now be automated with the click of a button." Said President Joe Bollinger at the announcement last week.

Folio Exchange was founded in 2001 to address the need to streamline back-office billing processes for large resorts and their trading partners with large wholesale, corporate and group bookings. Built from the ground up, their proprietary web-based system delivers significant cost savings and labor efficiencies that are transforming the back office process for the entire hospitality industry.

Says Sharon Matsumoto, of Aston Resorts, Hawaii, "We love this new feature. It has saved us a tremendous amount of work at a time when we really needed it." Aston was one of the first hospitality clients to work with the Folio Exchange system, and they continue to be a pioneer in using technology to better manage their business.

About Folio Exchange:
Folio Exchange is the world leader in full-cycle back office billing solutions. Headquartered in Southern California, their complete "Start to Finish" solution offers paperless invoicing, streamlined dispute resolution, electronic audit trails and automated cash application. Folio Exchange delivers to their customer an effortless billing solution.
Additional information about Folio Exchange is available at FolioExchange.com.