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Folio Exchange Expands Services - Launched Wholesaler Portal and Welcomes New Internet Domain Customers


Welcome to Folio Exchange. Service designed to simplify. We deliver complete automation of invoice processing between vendors and wholesalers. Our flexible options and in-depth expertise help your team automate, slash costs and gain control.

  • AUTOMATED invoice formatting - your way.
  • INSTANT Reconciliation and Online Dispute Resolution.
  • ONE-CLICK Cash Application and Remittance.
  • Handle ALL billing types: Groups, One-shots & more.
  • SLASH Time & Expense.
Invoice. Reconcile. Resolve. Remit. Apply Cash. Effortlessly.

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Working with Folio Exchange is a wonderful asset to our back-office systems and our Senior Management. Folio Exchange went the extra mile to provide custom features to meet our unique business requirements.
Folio Exchange allows trading partners worldwide to communicate seamlessly, across various invoicing systems, improving efficiencies and cost savings for hotels and tour operators alike.
Folio Exchange has delivered over $200,000 in cost savings by eliminating all the repetitive tasks and errors associated with traditional billing.
Folio Exchange not only eliminates the hassles of traditional invoicing and remittance but reduces the time spent to resolve billing discrepancies, allowing us to work more closely with our wholesale partners.
Keying a large Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays payment used to take six hours but now is fully automated thanks to Folio Exchange. Eliminating the manual effort required to key these large wholesaler payments allows my staff to focus on key business tasks, getting our books closed faster and more accurately.
Folio Exchange not only worked with our legacy systems but they made it easy to get going.
Folio Exchange's solution is unique in addressing the needs of both the service provider and wholesaler for a paperless, state-of-the-art invoicing, reconciliation and automatic payment process. Their system has saved us countless hours and allows us to reconcile with our suppliers in real-time. We wish all hotels were on board, and we highly recommend Folio Exchange.
We are a full-scale resort chain servicing all types of groups, wholesalers and corporate accounts. With Folio Exchange we can now see billing issues, rate adjustments and customer inquiries across all sales channels in one easy place.
Even with our unique constraints, Folio Exchange's depth of industry knowledge and flexibility made it easy.

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